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Update: Google Sniper Review problems - I've updated my list of reviews here:

This is a public scratchpad of sorts of research being done for various sites I run or participate in, including, but not limited to:

Eagle Research Associates

I am now also using this site to point people to other sites that I believe have valuable information on the various programs they are evaluating.

This is data and research only. This wiki does NOT provide opinions or insight as to whether a program, business opportunity, training, etc. is legitimate or a scam.

Sometimes I will link to other sites as part of the research for this site. Linking to that other site or a page or post on that other site does NOT mean that I endorse the opinion or research done on that site - unless it's my own site or my own page/post on that site.

Just reviewed a product I really like! You can read about it here:

Currrently Reviewing Google Sniper at the following places:

Current sites to avoid:

Participation in research is by private invitation only.

Reading for businesses:

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