Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Institute

The Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Institute site is a site that has been promoted by several fake review sites. The Bobbie Robinson system is yet another program that is simply a lead-generation system to get you to talk to high pressure sales people who will try to sell you thousands of dollars of products and services that you don't need and typically are not very good.

What's surprising is how long the fake Bobbie Robinson work at home home review sites have been promoting this program. If you want to see why you should avoid the Work At Home Institute - aka - wah institute course, take a look at the following Work At Home Institute research:

Click here to see why you should avoid WorkAtHomeInstitute

Sometimes the program goes by the name Work At Home Revenue - or WAH Revenue. It's the same link-posting scam as WAH Institute, just with a different name. You can read about the Work At Home Revenue scam here where it uses the fake name Kim Swartz to promote it:

How They Really Get You

If you're wondering how the scammers really make money with these fake link-posting work at home business opportunity scams, I have your answer. You can take a look here to see how it's done:

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