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Here's a new Kelly Scott scam promoting a typical work at home link posting opportunity. Kelly scott has been used for a number of these business opportunity scams recently. If you are thinking about getting this program, you'll definitely want to read my warning about it here:

More Fake Testimonials - Including Some Really Weird and Bold Ones

Once again, I prove to you that the testimonials used on the website are fake. You'll also learn that how this type of link posting scam works and why it can be so dangerous. Hopefully, you haven't talked to a "success coach" yet, because those are the people who will try to grab thousands of dollars from you and give you nothing of real value in return.

Here's the warning I put up:

How do you lose thousands to these scams?

Unfortunately, these scams persist because they are so profitable for the scammers. Even if the scammers do get shut down they serve no jail time and often get out of paying any fines.

Here is a post that details why these scams are so profitable for the scammers:

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