Covert Commissions Reviews

Are the Covert Commissions review sites providing you with everything you need to know?

I've received several promos for the Covert Commissions program from IM Wealth Builders - a group headed up by Soran Jordensen, John Merrick, and Cindy Battye. The first email I received said:

"The IM Wealth Builders have just released their highly anticipated Covert Commissions - a plug & play system for earning affiliate commissions on autopilot using pre-setup funnels and autoresponders."

I wasn't really highly anticipating the program, but had I known how funny things would get over at RealScam, I think I might have:

I don't think the system is the worst idea in the world - in fact, it could have been a good one, but I see a lot of problems with it that I point out over in the Real Scam forum.

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