Empower Network Reviews

Note, this is simply preliminary research about Empower Network to do decide if I will do a full review of the program at WorkAtHomeTruth.com.

You've probably come across numerous Empower Network Reviews. The problem is, that most of the people doing these reviews of Empower Network may not be benchmarking the program against other alternatives.

From what I've seen of the Empower Network product line, it's hard for me to understand what the attraction is to this program. I've seen some people say that the program is dying, but at this point the main website seems to still get quite a bit of traffic. Even the search engine traffic seems to be increasing at this point.

However, my biggest concerns have to do with concerns other sites that I follow have brought up. For example, the Truth In Advertising site points out that the total expenses of Empower Network exceed the average earnings of it's distributors. The Salty Droid site questions the backstory of one of the founders of the Empower Network program. You can read about it here.

I typically don't review programs like the Empower Network, however because it's been going on so long, and some serious questions have been posed about it, I may eventually feel compelled to do a more lengthy analysis of the program.

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