Home Income Gateway Reviews

There's a new work from home link-posting scam in town…and it's called Home Income Gateway. It used to be called Internet Home Cash, but that's now redirecting to HomeIncomeGateWay.com I assume that it will soon be going by another name in order to stop people from finding complaints about it.

You can read my warning about Home Income Gate Way here:

It's become so easy to prove that these programs are scams that it's getting ridiculous. Unfortunately, they still exist, because they are very effective at what they do and as the old saying goes, "if it aint broke, don't fix it." In other words, these scams will continue on and on until people stop falling for them or the FTC shuts them all down for good…which is highly unlikely and extremely difficult to do.

I'm not sure if many people realize how financially risky and dangerous these work from home scams are. Hopefully, you haven't fallen for this one or at least haven't talked to any sort of "success advisor" or "success coach", etc. That's how the scammers make 99% of the money from these programs.

You can read about how these coaching company operations work here:

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