Internet Careers Online reviews

Quick warning about any Internet Careers Online reviews you may have found. Most of them are fake news sites all owned by the same person. But even worse, this Kelly Scott work at home program is run by a company that has put out numerous shady work from home products in the past.

You can see what I mean in my recent warning about the Internet Careers Online course here:

As I mentioned, this program is connected to other work at home systems I've warned about in the past. You can read about those at the following places:

If you are interested in real affiliate marketing training, you might want to take a look at this overview of affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing, you certainly don't want to learn from programs that are marketed deceptively. After all, no matter what products you promote, you need to give your visitors a reason to have faith in you, your company, and your product. If your visitors have confidence in you, they are likely to show their support by using your referral links if you're promoting a product they intend to buy. Conversely, if you give your visitors a reason to mistrust you, they'll deliberately avoid using your links and simply purchase the product directly from the vendor.

Promote products that you would actually use or that you would honestly recommend to someone close to you. When your focus for your product is actually helping customers it will shine through in your marketing. Customers will trust your recommendations when you show that you are not just selling a product but selling solutions that you believe in.

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