Josh WatchDog review scam

The scammiest thing I've seen all week is the Josh The Binary Watchdog site.

Now that's saying something, considering how many binary options scams are out right now. If you want to see how this scam works, check it out here:

The guy is definitely no authority in the Binary Options niche and his so-called "stamp of approval" means absolutely nothing. In fact, I would avoid any binary options program recommended by somebody with his background.

Please, if you are seriously considering using the Binary Boom software, you absolutely must check out Josh McKeny's REAL background and why you can't believe anything he says:

I was shocked when I saw how the Binary Boom marketers were even trying to scam their own affiliates by pretending that this review was real. Come on!

I've already come across numerous spam emails using this fake review. I'm sure that more will be flooding inboxes throughought the next few months.

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