Melissa Mayer Home Based Business

The Melissa Mayer Home Based Business Opportunity Link Posting Scam

If you are one of the unlucky moms, dads, college students, or retirees who have come across the Melissa Mayer ads, hopefully you've already realized that it's not a legitimate success system. Instead, it's simply another home business kit scam. The growth of these scams has slowed down a little bit, but they continue to rip off all kinds of people.

You can read my warning about this scam that targets all kinds of crowds, including seniors, housewives, and stay at home moms and dads here:

Melissa Mayer Home Based Business scam warning.

You may also be stunned to find out the kind of financial nightmare this type of home business scam leads to - usually very expensive and worthless coaching from an unqualified coach.

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