Nancy Reviews scam or legit?

This research about Nancy Reviews is provided courtesy of WorkAtHomeTruth. Here's what you need to know.

The site is run by somebody claiming to have the name Nancy Fox. I am not sure if Nancy Fox is a real person or not. Many of the home businesses and work at home programs promoted at have questionable reputations.

In fact, you can see in this forum post that many of the programs promoted at the NancyReviews site set off Malwarebytes when I tried to go to them.

One thing I've noticed about the comments at is that there don't seem to be any negative comments - despite the fact that many of the programs she recommends appear to be dubious at best and scams at worst. It would appear that she is controlling the comments she lets through on her blog to make sure nothing negative gets through about the work from home programs she recommends.

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