Real Writing Jobs Reviews

A lot of people want to know whether the website is real or fake. I think the better question is whether or not Real Writing Jobs is any good. The answer to that question depends on what you compare it to. I've written a post about that here:

Be sure to read the section called "How to Really JumpStart Your Writing Career." That will help you get the truth about Real Writing Jobs and why you probably should skip for better alternatives.

For anyone who has tried the program, they may have come across other programs that the company is associated with - some of those companies are highly questionable and have generated a good amount of complaints. If you want to see what I'm talking about, take a look at my review here:

After you read that, you'll probably have second thoughts about whether or not you want to pay for their exclusive member access. Of course if you have any feedback, complaints, or opinions about the company, feel free to share them there.

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