Replace Your Job Reviews

If you've run across any of the sites promoting the Kelly Scott Replace Your Job work at home business opportunity, hopefully you didn't fork over any of your hard earned cash yet. I've put up a warning about this relentless scam for you to review here:

Fake Testimonials Galore!

You'll see how I busted the fake testimonials used on the site. You'll also learn that this link-posting scam is just one link posting scam in a very long line of similar work from home scams.

You'll also find out the big discrepancy one person found on this Kelly Scott site and why you need to pay attention to it. Hint: Make sure you take a look at the comments.

Again, you can check out my warning about this program here:

The Most Dangerous Part of this Scam

If you're wondering why there are so many of these work at home scams online, even after the FTC keeps shutting them down, it's because they are incredibly profitable for the scammers. Plus, the scammers typically do no jail time and often they end up not having to pay any fines.

Here's exactly how the scammers make so much money running these work at home scams:

Hope that helps you avoid tons of these ripoffs!

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