Vibrant Money System reviews

I've seen a few Vibrant Money System reviews. The problem I've seen with them is that they leave out some pretty important points. You can see what I mean at my post about the John Sellers Vibrant Money System here:

Vibrant Money System research

If you have experienced with this work from home program, please post your experience in that forum thread. It will be helpful to anybody who has read a review of the course and wants additional opinions. It's a great way to leave feedback and comments as well.

I'll continue digging into the program, but my biggest concern is this statement:

"FREE 30 Minute Consult Call! Advanced Personal Mentorship Available!"

I am NOT sure what this call is all about, but if it's anything like the kind of calls I have on my home business scam red flag priority checklist, that is a major concern. You can see why here:

Again, since I don't know exactly what's involved in the mentoring I can't say whether or not the mentoring real, legit mentoring, or simply some sort of con to get your money. That's why I hope people will post their experience here.

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